Betting Signals’ Elements Explained: What Is a Spread in Football Betting?



Before placing your bet, make sure to understand every element on the Betting Signals odds calculation table. In this article, we answer what a spread is in football betting. 

In sports betting, a spread is the point differential between two teams playing a particular game. The point spread is a way to level the playing field and make betting more interesting, as it aims to create a situation where bettors have an equal chance of winning their bets on either side of the spread.

What Does the Point Spread Mean in Football?

Some sportsbooks offer an alternative to the traditional three-way moneyline by using a goal-line similar to a point spread. The goal-line represents a handicap given to one of the teams. Different bookmakers provide different odds on handicaps, which brings an opportunity for arbitrage betting

In football (soccer), the point spread can handicap the matchup between two teams and create a more even betting field. When you see a point spread listed for a football game, it will look something like this: -1.5 goals – there is a negative handicap on the favorite team, while on the other side, +1.5 means that there is a positive handicap on the underdog. 

What Is an Example of a Spread Bet?

Team A – The Favorite Team: -0.5

Team B – The Underdog: +0.5

In this example, Team A is favored, and they need to win the game for the bet to be successful. If you bet on Team A and the game ends in a draw or Team B wins, your bet will lose. However, if you bet on Team B, they can win the game or secure a draw for your bet to win.

It’s important to note that the goal-line in football is usually set at 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, etc., and it can vary depending on the teams involved and the sportsbook. This system is more common in European and Asian markets, while in other regions, the three-way moneyline is the standard betting option for football matches. For instance, Asian handicaps are listed differently, such as +0,75, -0.25, etc.

What Does Plus and Minus Mean in Football Handicap Prediction?

In football handicap predictions, also called over under betting, the plus (+) and minus (-) signs are used to indicate the goal handicap given to a team. This is similar to the goal-line in football betting. Here’s how it typically works:

Minus (-) Handicap

If you see a team with a minus handicap, it means they are the favorite and a certain number of goals are subtracted from their final score for betting purposes. For example, if Team A has a handicap of -1.5, they need to win the match by at least two goals to make a successful bet. If they win by just one goal, the handicap result is a draw (or push), and bets are refunded.

Plus (+) Handicap

If a team has a plus handicap, they are the underdog, and a certain number of goals are added to their final score for betting purposes. For instance, if Team B has a handicap of +1.5, they can either win the match outright or lose by only one goal for the bet to be successful. If they lose by two or more goals, the handicap result is a draw (or push), and bets are refunded.

Asian Handicap Explained: What Do 0.75 and 0.25 Spreads Mean in Football Betting?

When you bet on a team with a handicap such as +1.25, you essentially divide your wager between two different spreads  +1 and +1.5 in this particular scenario. If your team loses by one goal, your bet will result in a push on the +1 spread while winning on the +1.5 spread. In the event of a goalless draw (0-0), both of your bets will be successful. However, if your team loses by two goals, you will lose both bets as neither spread is covered. Conversely, if you wager on a team with a handicap of -1.75 and it triumphs with a score of 2-0, you will win the portion of the bet corresponding to -1.5 and experience a push on the -2 spread. Should the team secure a victory with a score of 3-0, both of your bets will be successful.

What are the Totals in the Football Betting Signals graph?

Similar to Spreads, where the favorite team and the underdog are presented with a handicap, you can also find Totals on our graph. Totals are the projected number of goals scored in the match. When choosing this option, you can place a wager on Over or Under. 

For instance, if the bookmakers project 4.5 goals for a chosen match, you can decide to place your bet on whether there will be more or fewer goals than this projection. This gives you the control to make a wager based on your own analysis and predictions. 

We provide instant changes regarding totals in the football Betting Signals graph. If the column of your selected match writes OVER | 4.5 > 5.5, expectations/projections about this particular event and the previously given margin have changed. 

Conclusion: Is Spread Betting a Good Choice?

Whether spread betting in football is a wise choice hinges on factors like your football knowledge, risk tolerance, and market understanding. Due to its inherent volatility, success in spread betting demands a deep knowledge of the sport, coupled with effective risk management. If you thrive on uncertainty and enjoy analyzing matches, spread betting might suit your preferences, but it’s crucial to wager what you can afford to lose.

However, traditional fixed-odds betting could be a better fit if you prefer more straightforward betting with clearer outcomes and less risk. This method provides a more predictable betting approach and lets you know your potential winnings or losses upfront. If you decide that way, our article about value betting will be helpful.

Ultimately, your decision should align with your comfort level, financial situation, and willingness to engage in thorough research and analysis.

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