The Betting Signals Success Rate in June 2024



Hello bettors! In June 2024, we decided to track and measure our signals. This was done to provide you with a complete overview of how successful our Betting Signals are. We plan to constantly deliver these insights to you month after month and prove the functionality of our application. 

So, what did we do? We thoroughly tracked every single odds movement, saved them on one Excel sheet, and inspected all the outcomes cumulatively. And guess what? Our success rate in June 2024 was an outstanding 103 units. This figure means that if you followed all the predictions on our Betting Signals Premium app, you could win $103 dollars guaranteed for every single dollar invested. Sounds crazy, right? 

In this research, we will explain how we obtained all the results and diligently define other parameters. You will also find the graph that proves all the statements. Keep reading to find out what it means to always be one step ahead! 

The Betting Signals Report: Explained 

We created this report to provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of our betting strategies’ performance in June 2024. This report delves into key metrics such as Unit, Win Rate, and Return on Investment (ROI) to clearly show how successful our signals have been. By analyzing these metrics, we aim to offer transparency and accountability, ensuring you have confidence in the effectiveness and profitability of our application.

The detailed analysis also helps us identify trends and patterns, allowing us to continually refine our strategies to adapt to changing conditions. Ultimately, our goal is to equip you with the information needed to maximize your success and manage risks effectively, ensuring a balanced approach to betting.

Before examining the success rate in June 2024, we must emphasize that all the data were collected from our Betting Signals Premium application. It provides ten times more notifications than the basic app, which makes it relevant to our research.

Top 7 Statistics from the Research in June (Editor’s Choice):

  • The Betting Signals success rate in the previous month was an impressive 103 units.
  • In this research, we included all 1208 signals received through the app in June 2024.
  • The number of winning tips: 576, or a massive 48%.
  • The number of predictions by betting types: Moneyline: 853; Spreads: 227; Totals: 128; Void: 14*. 
  • In June 2024, the average limit per bet was $238.90.
  • The highest winning odd: 6.4 (the odd on the home team winning dropped from 6.4 → 2.91)
  • That match was played in the Iceland League.

If you are still getting familiar with the specific betting terms, check out our blog section for more explanations about the moneyline and spreads/totals

How Successful Was the Betting Signals App in June 2024? 

As mentioned above, the Betting Signals success rate in June was a remarkable 103 units. Explained in human language, on every $1 you bet following our premium signals, you could have won $103. But have you done it? 

You must wonder how we calculated these numbers and received that figure: 103 units per stake. The actual number of winning tips was 576, but what does that mean in the cumulative result?

Before moving to the calculation process, we must clarify what units are. In betting, a unit is a standard measure of the money a bettor spends on a wager. Rather than specifying exact dollar amounts, bettors often use units to maintain consistency and manage their bankroll more effectively. Using units helps bettors stay disciplined, manage risk, and compare performance across various betting strategies and events.

How successful was the betting signals app in June 2024

The Calculation Process

As we mentioned above, in the research from last month, we inspected the 1208 signals (dropping odds) received through our app. The odds with successful outcomes ranged from 1.25 to the highest, 5.4. The odds with unsuccessful bets are always -1, as they are registered as failures.

The calculation process of Betting Signals in June 2024

By summing up all the values, positive, negative, and neutral (void), we received the magic number 103. If we calculate these to percentages, in June 2024, our subscribers on Betting Signals Premium enlarged their outcome by 10300%. How lucky they are! 

If you have been skeptical about our application, these figures should change your mind. Bettors who followed our dropping odds in the previous month are delighted. Most of them already renewed their subscription.

If you want to become another successful bettor and increase your winning percentage, contact our sales team directly through the free Betting Signals telegram group or email us

Additional Metrics of Betting Signals Success Rate in June 2024

Several key metrics provide a comprehensive picture when analyzing the success rate of Betting Signals for June 2024. The Win Rate (48%) indicates the percentage of bets that resulted in wins, offering an essential success measure. Average Odds help understand the risk level associated with the bets, while Units quantify monetary gains, with the latter providing a standardized view across different staking amounts.

Future comparisons of these metrics in the upcoming months will help identify performance trends and offer a detailed and nuanced assessment of the Betting Signals’ performance.

We have already pulled out all the main figures in the section editor’s choice. If you want a complete study in PDF, feel free to request it by writing to us on the Telegram channel or by email. We would love to send complete research to our subscribers.


In June 2024, Betting Signals demonstrated an exceptional performance, achieving a remarkable success rate with 103 successful units. This outstanding achievement highlights the effectiveness and reliability of our Premium app, marking a significant milestone in its track record. 

The impressive success rate reinforces its value as a dependable resource for bettors seeking consistent returns. This performance sets a high standard and builds confidence in continued use. Additionally, it encourages us to work even harder toward our final goal: to become the first stop in every bettor’s journey. 

Contact us through our free Telegram channel or email us directly. Reserve your space and secure higher outcomes with us, just like our subscribers already do. See you next month with another, hopefully even more booming, report. Cheers!

*Void means that the odd was equivalent to 1 and statistically insignificant.

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